Chateau La Mission Haut-Brion, Bordeaux

Chateau La Mission Haut Brion is not quite as old as Chateau Haut Brion. La Mission Haut Brion only dates back to the 16th century. The property came into being after it was purchased by Jean de Pontac in 1533. Pontac was also the owner of what later became Chateau Haut Brion. Jean de Pontac was responsible for the birth of several of the best estates and vineyards in Bordeaux. La Mission Haut Brion continued to change hands until it was finally sold to another American family, the Woltners. Frederic Woltner purchased La Mission Haut Brion in 1919. Many people consider this the birth of the modern era for the property.

La Mission Haut Brion produces a Bordeaux wine of intensity, richness, opulence and charm. The wine is full-bodied, concentrated and requires several years to develop. The perfume offers smoke, tobacco, earth, truffle, spice and cassis scents.

It’s a bigger and more tannic wine than Haut Brion. Depending on the vintage, it might not show the same level of elegance. Yet, in some years, La Mission Haut Brion produces a better wine than Haut Brion. Today, La Mission is at the top of the list for Super Seconds. If a reclassification were done, this is one wine that would definitely be promoted to First Growth status!

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