Château L'Estage, Bordeaux

Château Lestage is one of the family estate of the Chanfreau Family for more than 50 years. Its vineyard counts 42 hectares on Listrac-Médoc appellation and 9 hectares on Moulis-en-Médoc appellation. The vineyard is on the highest point of the Medoc, the Puy de Menjon, 43 meters above sea level. The name “Lestage” would be the name of the family who owned the land in the 15th century. The estate was mainly developed in the nineteenth century thanks to the family Saint Guirons who remained owner until 1925. Several families succeed each other through periods of war and crisis until the arrival of Marcel Chanfreau, who acquired the estate in 1963. His grandchildren now provide family continuity.

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